Owner : Joe Garcia
Location : Mesa
Currency : USD
Delivery : Live 
Store Policy

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY: Window shoppers are NOT valued by us. Please do NOT assign us a bunch of homework collecting photos for you and then ghost. Your name will be shared in groups everywhere. This is a commerce area. Act accordingly.

PRICING: My prices are my offers. I will negotiate at times but I already have an offer on the table. Don’t ask me "my lowest price" on an animal. That price is listed. Make an offer. TRADES are closed for the remainder of 2023.

HOLDS: With a 30% down payment, we will hold animals for you. I can't stress this next part enough. Inquiring is NOT a method for calling Dibs on an animal. The first person to put the down payment, will be the person who I hold the animal for. These animals are NOT yours until they are. Please take this into consideration when waiting to secure the animal.

RETURNS/REFUNDS: We do NOT have a no refund and return policy. If you are not happy with something I sold you within reason and can prove that you didn't neglect or harm the animal, I will likely buy it back from you. Shipping is always at your expense. Buying from us is safe. We will be honest in our dealings. Always.

Some of these policies seem stern. Apologies for this to real hobbyists with good intentions. There are a lot of problematic people on here. Read our reviews. You will be treated with respect by us.